Cost of medical tourism in India

Have you been told to undergo a heart bypass surgery? We are sure you are looking to travel to India. Your reasons could be quality of healthcare, the number of options available in a vast country like ours, plus affordability. The cost of healthcare is a huge factor for many seeking treatment, and India is the ideal destination.

A bypass performed in India could cost you $10,000*, while in the US, it is anywhere around $1,30,000*. A bypass in Singapore could set you back by $18,500. A hip replacement procedure in India could cost you $4,300* while in other destinations, it could go up to $13,000. You also save on accommodation, air tickets and travel within the country if you come to India.

Our pricing takes into account all these aspects. Also, pricing depends on the hospital, the kind of treatment, your condition, and the services you seek. You could have sought an interpreter or an escort to and from the airport or the hospital to your place of lodging. These factors make an impact as well. Also, some patients who are undergoing non-invasive treatments or simple cosmetic procedures may look to explore some destinations in between treatments or sittings. In essence, pricing is tailor-made to suit individual travellers and their needs.

Note: *Costs are approximate and could vary from time to time.

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