Founder & Managing Director

Ms. Vandana Mehta is a Pharmacist from the prestigious S.N.D.T. University, Mumbai. She has worked in the healthcare sector for more than 20 years, interacting with Doctors, Scientists, Hospital Personnel and Patients.

Vandana is not only an Entrepreneur but also deeply interested in understanding the causes of ‘dis-ease’ in human beings.

During her quest she realized that while the enormous importance of conventional Medicine can never be undermined there is also a need take into consideration the very essential “soul-mind-body connection”, for complete and lasting healing.

Life Care Travels was formed out of Vandana’s intense desire to provide all her clients and visiting patients with the best of Medical, Physical and Spiritual healing. She wishes for all those who come in contact with her to have joy in their hearts and a spring in their step when bidding adieu to India and her team.

You may contact Ms. Vandana Mehta on +91 9810013889  or email at for appointments or any further queries.

Mr. Rajiv Mehta is an India based entrepreneur. After completing his basic education in he proceeded to work in the Travel and Tourism industry for several years.

After working for several years Rajiv set up his independent Recruitment Consultancy, which he still runs successfully. Travelling and exploring new opportunities has always been his passion. He is part of the team that setup Life Care Travels, India.

Rajiv heads Leisure tourism division. He is very happy to showcase India to patients and tourists in general. He has a vast knowledge of the history of India and world. He uses this knowledge to make tours very interesting for visitors by telling them some unknown stories and interesting facts.

As Co-founder and Managing Director– Leisure tourism he plans to showcase the beauty, culture and ancient history of India combined with high quality tourism at affordable costs.

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