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At Life Care Travels, we take great care to ensure that all our medical/leisure tourists get what they want and head back home happy and satisfied. Pick-ups from hospitals, coordinating with doctors, accommodation, visas, appointments for medical tests and collecting reports are all hassles when you are new to a place. All the more of a hassle when you are not in the pink of health…We get that, and will take care of all the logistical aspects. While you are here for treatment/post-recovery consultations and want to explore a destination, we will help you with leisure tourism as well.

Many of our tourists resume life back home and remember the time they were here, and write to us as well. We cherish their greetings, suggestions and any valuable comments they have to make. We look forward to these little personal notes, happy in the knowledge that those we cared for care for us too.

If you have come to India as a medical/leisure traveller via Life Care Travels, and want to share your experiences with us, do call us on   +91 9810013889 or mail us at help@lifecaretravels.com

What our clients think of us…

Brian Smith, Grand Rapids, Manitoba, Canada

Blessed to have found Life Care Travels!

I was in for a shock when I was told that I had to go through a heart bypass surgery. I decided on exploring medical treatment options in India, and zeroed in on Life Care Travels. I feel blessed to have found them, for they helped me with coordinating my travel to India, choosing the right hospital and surgeon. I am now back in Canada, and have recovered fully. Thanks so much Life Care Travels, for the personal attention, care and logistics.

Brian Smith, Grand Rapids, Manitoba, Canada

Thanks for help during our crisis

We were told that my eight-year-old has a hole in her heart, and we were devastated. While we were looking for treatment options, I chanced upon Life Care Travels, and the services they offer. We travelled to India from Nigeria, and the treatment was successful. We were treated with care, and were put up in a nice accommodation as well. I really thank Life Care Travels, and its staff for helping us out in our time of crisis.

Parents of Abayomi, Nigeria

Life Care Travels Cares For you …

Life Care Travels, India cares so much about their clients — you can call them any time, they will answer all your questions about anything.

Everyone with Life Care Travels is kind and respectful…I can’t say enough about them. I would go with Life Care Travels if I needed to go to India for any other treatment.

My destination program manager, who is also the Founder of Life Care Travels, Mrs. Vandana Mehta was pretty much by my side the whole time I was there. She came with me to the hospital, and was by our side during and after the surgery. She is someone that I could count on the whole time I was there. Life Care Travels was consistently by my side from beginning to end. I felt complete confidence in them from the start and they never let me down, not even once.

Zainab sir chamm, Nigeria

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